MDT Q2 is an engineering partner for companies in the skill development that provides training in the fundamentals of vibration, rotor dynamics, structural dynamics and computational fluid dynamics. It links well with the oil and gas, power generation, buildings and automotive industries.


Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) Consulting, Training and Seminars

  • In-house training and public seminar for Vibration Analysis and Condition Monitoring
  • Design and fabrication of Vibration Fault Simulation Rig
  • Plant/fleet lubrication and maintenance audit and survey
  • Specification and implementation of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)
  • Specification and implementation of in-service oil monitoring program
  • Design and implementation of preventive/predictive maintenance program
  • Root-cause failure analysis
  • Product, system, and equipment trials
  • Feasibility studies and implementation of chemical/ petroleum laboratories
  • Fluid management program


Phenomenon in where the fluid flow exerts pressure on the solid structure causing it to deform such that it perturbs the initial flow field.


Bridge Cross-section



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