In the face of continuous changes and challenges, it is crucial to find a dedicated specialist company or organization that clients can rely on for high quality services in the area of maintenance, reliability, and consulting services. Quadrant 2 was established with a vision to be a niche technology and specialist company that can provide such needs. Our aim is to become positive change agents for our clients. Our strategy is to deliver reliable and trusted specialized engineering services especially to the Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries.

At Quadrant 2, we constantly strive to provide high standard of services to our clients through continuous commitment in understanding their detail requirements and problems, while maintaining our excellent customer service culture. 

About Us


We believe in spending most of our time and resources in doing " Quadrant 2" activities. This is how we become highly productive and most efficient, not only for ourselves but also for clients. " Technologies" is the reflection of our approach to providing business solutions to the clients. This entails the employing of technology-enabling knowledge and information in the sciences and engineering.